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Be Aware.
The Leica BLK247 is a first-of-its-kind 3D reality capture sensor for surveillance. It offers continuous 24/7 monitoring of buildings and change detection within spaces using LiDAR, 3D digital fencing that creates digital barriers around a space, and continuous scanning. Designed for real-time 3D surveillance and analysis, the BLK247 is capable of differentiating between still and moving objects and is ideal for locations that must be continuously monitored and protected.

New Approach in 3D Surveillance The BLK247 is a real-time reality capture device that uses sensor fusion technology—a combination of edge computing, imagery, and LiDAR—to detect and report physical changes within a space. It is designed to make 3D surveillance usable and convenient for everyone while ensuring the high-quality standards of Leica Geosystems.

Change Detection Technology

The BLK247 monitors 3D environments and builds 3D digital fences around specific areas or objects— including moving objects—and provides real-time situational awareness through LiDAR-enabled change detection technology.

Smart Device

The BLK247 can tell the difference between still and moving objects, such as a person walking who leaves a backpack behind. Its edge computing power will identify the exact situation and notify you immediately.

Product Details


 1 dual axis LiDAR

 2 imaging cameras

 4 thermal imaging cameras

Power: PoE++ (Power over Ethernet)

Mounting: Ceiling or wall Range: 30 m (60 m diameter) / 98 ft

Weight: <2.0 kg / <4.4 lb

Height: 17 cm / 7 inches

Field of view: 360° horizontal 240° vertical

Possible application areas for the BLK247 are extremely varied. A typical application is 3D surveillance, which leads to much more precise and reliable results compared to traditional 2D surveillance. Other areas are transportation & rail, manufacturing & logistics, as well as smart cities & buildings.